Thursday, December 13, 2012
Horseheads NY- After running out of scrimmage partners, as everyone started their  seasons' a week early, the Horseheads girls have made quick work of their second game this week, jumping out to an early lead and never looking back. The latest victim, Maine Endwell, falling under the Raider stampede 63-44. and, for the second time in two days, it was Junior guard Ellie Leszyk leading the way with 17 points. To watch this Horseheads team press, rebound and turn it into overdrive, has Raider fans conjuring up thoughts of one of the best squads in recent years. Leszyk (#33 left) has ample company, Senior Tess Wicks (12 pts), Marlea Nolan (10 pts) and the rebound twins Jen Chalk (#25 left) and Amanda Schiefen. And, before we leave this subject, Coach Andy Scott has ample bench help like Kasey Harter , Jen Laviola, and Erin Strollo, all who will create numerous defensive issues this season for other teams. Horseheads improves 2-0 while M-E falls to 1-2.


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